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What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting?

Aftermarket window tint is a thin film made of heat-rejecting polymers. A high-quality film acts as a barrier to the sun’s rays, blocking up to 99% of infrared heat from entering your vehicle through its windows. 

Window tinting does more than give your added privacy inside your vehicle – it’s an investment in your overall ownership experience. If you’re considering adding an aftermarket tint to your automobile, here are some added benefits that may surprise you. 

car tinted windowsProtect your car’s interior.

Whether your car’s interior is cloth, vinyl, or leather, long-term exposure to the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your seats and fixtures. 

UV light breaks down these surfaces on a particulate level, causing them to discolor, deteriorate, and crack. Window tinting repels the vast majority of damaging rays, extending the life of your interior.

Window tint can even help save your skin from UV exposure inside your vehicle. Shielding yourself from the sun during your commute can actually reduce the risk of skin cancer in drivers and passengers. 

Beat the heat.

Professional window tinting can reduce the internal temperature of your car by up to 45% – a tremendous difference on a hot summer day.

It’s no surprise that a cooler interior makes a long trip a lot more enjoyable, but many drivers might be surprised to learn that this comfort translates into savings at the pump. 

Window tinting makes it easier to dial back the AC. Drivers who don’t need to blast the air conditioning to regulate their car’s temperature will see a noticeable improvement in gas mileage. 

Stay safer on the road.

Rear-end collisions account for 29% of all accidents. Anyone who has ever been blinded by the sun during their morning commute understands just how quickly a compromised view of the road can lead to disaster. Tinted windows reduce dangerous glare to prevent collisions. 

Window tinting goes a step further to help keep drivers safer. In the event of an accident that shatters your car’s windows orcar with tinted windows windshield, the film can help hold the broken glass in place.

Give your vehicle a sporty look.

There’s no denying that tinted windows have the cool, sharp aesthetic that many car enthusiasts crave. 

Professionally-installed window tint offers a sleek, consistent look that resists scratching or fading without interfering with your cell phone signal, keyless entry system, or radio. 

Window tinting makes it even easier to love the look of your car, but it’s about so much more than looks. Aftermarket tinting has been shown to improve your vehicle’s resale value when the time comes to trade in. Prospective buyers will appreciate your investment in safety, comfort, and style. Check out our Tint Simulator HERE.


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