We don’t cut corners, we have a strong attention to detail, and we share a strong passion for the automotive industry, especially the luxury and exotic cars that we have had the privilege to work on.

We look forward to adding you and your automobiles to our family and working with you to meet your automotive protection needs.


We offer comprehensive yet flexible detailing and reconditioning packages to suit our customer needs, and we do it with quality and professionalism.

Each client will receive individualized attention to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. Bryan Prato, owner and operator, has over 10 years’ experience in the automotive detailing industry and is a certified installer for several top of the line protective products that extend the life and beauty of your vehicle as well as work to maintain the value. We invite you in to meet with Bryan and his team to experience the “attention to detail” that we provide to our clients and their vehicles.

All of our product warranties with Xpel are transferable, this is a key point to consider when planning the resale of a vehicle that has full PPF and ceramic coating protections.

Many high-end luxury and exotic car owners use a straightforward approach to keeping their vehicles in like new or excellent condition: they never drive them. That approach ensures minimal paint damage while also guaranteeing minimal enjoyment. If you are just crazy enough to want to drive your cars, even the rare and expensive ones then ATD has you covered. We work with top quality and warranted products and ensure our application techniques will provide maximum protection while you enjoy your automobile on the highway; where it belongs. Once you have chosen to invest in a luxury vehicle or a daily driver to transport your loved ones the logical next step is to protect that investment at every turn. There is no need to fear the roadways and all that they can throw at you, contact us today for a free consultation and allow one of our trained associates to pair you with the proper services to match your desired level of interior and exterior protection.

Here at ATD we specialize in high-end automotive services, color correction, PPF (clear bra) installation, ceramic coatings and window tinting. For your maximum ROI we suggest including ceramic coating on the paint protection film after its been installed, ceramic coating on the wheels and window tinting. The combination of these products will give you maximum protection and maximize the value of your vehicle, eliminate the need for waxing, prevent rock chips and other debris that would otherwise devalue the vehicle. Another ROI or benefit to trusting the ATD family with your vehicle is that we stand behind our work and the products we use offer a wide range of warranties. We only work with products that we trust and know will exceed your expectations when applied by a certified installer like ourselves.

Companies such as Kelley Blue Book or NADA indicate majority of well-kept resales fall into the “Good” category due to minor dings, chips and slight discolorations on the exterior and interior of the vehicle when exterior and interior has not been properly been protected with products like PPF, Ceramic Coatings, window tint and wheel coatings. This is when the vehicle has likely been garage kept, limited drive time on highways and limited UV exposure paired with proper mechanical maintenance.

Companies such as Kelley Blue Book or NADA indicate that if the vehicle is free of slight dings, chips and slight discolorations paired with proper mechanical maintenance the vehicle would fall into the “Excellent” category. If your vehicle has been properly protected with services such as PPF, Ceramic Coatings, window tint and wheel coatings it could dictate whether your vehicle is classified as Good or Excellent. When the exterior and interior is free of rock chips, minor dings, standard road rash, fading and discolorations due to UV rays paired with proper mechanical maintenance your vehicle will likely fall into the “Excellent” category giving you a higher resale value. Even making your vehicle more desirable to potential buyers leading to a quicker sale when you are ready to upgrade.

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